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Co-Founder & Board Officer

Juli Nagashima, MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM (Co-Founder)

Juli has dedicated her career to the field of Labor & Delivery Nursing, establishing herself as a prominent figure in Women's Health as both an educator and a leader. Beyond her professional achievements, she has embraced the role of a global entrepreneur with a deep-seated passion for dog rescue, an endeavor she has been committed to since 1991. Alongside her husband Paul, Juli resides on their sprawling 6-acre ranch just outside Los Angeles, California. This haven is not only a home to them but also a sanctuary for numerous rescued dogs, Nigerian Dwarf goats, and their Appaloosa horses.

Motivated by her vast experience in animal rescue, Juli decided it was time to spearhead her initiative. She handpicked a team of compassionate, dedicated, and like-minded individuals to embark on this journey with her. Driven by a mission to educate the public on pressing issues like breed discrimination, the significance of fostering, spaying and neutering, and the rescue of elderly dogs, Juli advocates for these causes with unwavering passion. It's with this spirit that she launched the Senior for Senior Program, aiming to provide senior dogs with a chance to impart their wisdom in their remaining years and enrich the lives of those who care for them.

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Co-Founder & Board Officer

Kristen Nicole Gamble

For over a decade Kristen has been committed to her role as a Social Worker for the County of San Bernardino, a journey that continues to unfold. Her lifelong dedication to animal advocacy traces back to childhood dreams of becoming a veterinarian - a path she veered away from upon discovering her challenges with science, yet her passion for helping animals remained undiminished. Early on, Kristen ventured into the world of animal rescue, initially working solo before taking the leap to establish her own rescue organization.

Throughout her journey, Kristen has been an ardent foster parent to numerous cats and dogs, saving animals in need and actively contributing to their welfare. She finds profound fulfillment in providing for animals in need, ensuring they remain in caring homes, and rehabilitating dogs to secure them a new, loving forever home. Kristen’s overarching mission is to enlighten the community on the critical importance of spaying and neutering to mitigate the overpopulation crisis among cats and dogs, aiming to significantly reduce animal euthanasia rates.


Board Officer

Paul Nagashima, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB

Paul serves as a Design Principal at a leading global firm in Engineering and Architecture, with a specialized focus on Public, Military, and Institutional Design. He has distinguished himself as a premier designer of prisons, prison hospitals, and general hospitals, with his most notable project being the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, California.

A lifelong animal enthusiast, Paul grew up in a household that always had dogs. Although he never initially envisioned himself in animal rescue, that path became an inevitable part of his life when he married Juli, who is passionately devoted to animal welfare. Together, they reside on a 6-acre ranch outside of Los Angeles, California, where they offer a nurturing home to numerous rescue dogs, alongside raising Nigerian Dwarf goats and Appaloosa horses.

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Board Officer

Vanessa Traufler-Samarripa

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Board Officer

Mitch Rice

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