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We are a 501c3 organization of dedicated volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of lost, abandoned, and homeless dogs.  

One Mutt at a Time, we will help eradicate the needless euthanasia of shelter animals.

We are a foster based rescue. Our dogs get to know what family life is like before they become yours!!!

Our dogs come to you vetted, vaccines UTD, spay/neuter, microchipped and full of love.

In The Spotlight

Rex is only 4 year and has suffered a life a neglect.  when you see him with his tongue hanging out, You'll probably think he's a senior.  Nope.  He just had to have all but 10 teeth removed from neglect and abuse.  He had an eye injury that wasn't taken care of by previous owners, so he is blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other. He doesn't let that get him down at all.  He is loving and playful and can get around just like the other dogs.

He would make an exceptional companion to a senior person or a retired couple that like to take their pooch on vacation with them. We believe he would be an excellent RV pup. 

He's healthy, other than his teeth and eye sight.

If you interested in Rex you can go to our adoption animals page and click on her bio.



"It was such a pleasure working with this rescue.  We got our sweet little rescue girl, Lola from Juli and Paul 18 months ago. They rescued her and her litter of puppies from the streets of Mexico and with their care, they all survived. Lola is thriving and such a joy to be around. Juli and her foster homes did a great job socializing and house training her. All we had to provide was love. If you’re looking to adopt a fur baby, we can’t say enough  good things about working with Juli and her team.

Aleta Reeser, Palm Springs

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